A little sharing


About me

My name is Jess Dang. I'm Vietnamese and living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    I started sewing (hand-sew) when I was a little girl trying to make clothes for my baby doll. When I became older, I wanted to make clothes for myself - the beautiful and trendy clothes that I couldn't buy. But I didn't learn how to sew like a professional tailor, and it was a struggle for me to find the easiest way to make those clothes. 

    However, I found it so exciting when I focused on a project of making new clothes, and it's such a wonderful feeling when it turns out beautiful. That’s my main motivation to keep learning and finding new methods to make more beautiful clothes.

    I know a lot of you have the same feeling as me. So I want to share my journey with you to send you the message that you can do it, too.

Let's make your own clothes "simply but pretty"


                                                                 Jess Dang